Cannes - A city in the French Riviera that rolls out the red carpet to glitz and glamour every year

Moments were floating like a cloud in the mind, and when they bumped into the right cord, drizzling started, followed by a heavy shower. Slowly, silently and undeviatingly, I got soaked in the drizzle; a drizzle of glimpses of that afternoon and evening; our laughter; our words. And then I was completely drenched; drenched in the shower of memories.

I hurriedly took my external hard-disc (my life!) and plugged it into my laptop and yes got them; all the photographs of our Cannes trip. And one of them instantly relaxed me.

It was a late March afternoon in Cannes.

Children were having innocent pleasure. They were free. Their thoughts were not caged. They needed very little to be happy. They were art to look at!

We were four. Myself, my husband Siddhartha and two of our friends (Shovan and Arnab da).

Shovan  is a charming young fellow and capable of capturing beautiful moments of life through his lens like this picture (one of my favorites), while we were enjoying the sun, the sea, the sand and the neon blue sky above, threaded with silver.

The shimmering sunlight was making the sand sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels. A blue blanket was laid over the sea. Now, with my eyes closed, I can still hear the sound of those peaceful waves that were crawling gently to the shore. It was hypnotic.

I have always been a crazy lover of sea. My heart was yearning to touch and feel the sea while we were in the train from Nice (capital of the French Riviera). We were supposed to visit a perfume factory and then proceed to Cannes.

But I managed to convince my fellow travelers to spend more time in Cannes, so that we could take a refreshing shower in the blue Mediterranean. Thus all on a sudden we decided to get down in the next station. In no time, we were in the middle of no-where.

It was a  small railway station in an unknown village, somewhere in France. But our spirits were indomitable. That's the charm of being young.

I became the subject of Shovan's various photographic experiments. Yes, until the next train we were doing an experimental photo shoot. Here are some of those photographs. I think, I came through with flying colors. What do you think?

At last we reached Cannes.

I was decked up in a Sari to walk the red carpet in style in front of the Grand Auditorium, though ended up in a trouser (that I bought from a shop in Cannes to take a dip in the sea) and a borrowed T-shirt from Arnab da. The blue T-shirt is still with me. It is now a lovely memento of our trip.

When we reached the Grand Auditorium, there was no red-carpet! Instead we saw a large vacuum cleaner. It was getting ready for the world famous Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) the next month.

How I love such unplanned incidents while travelling. These are the incidents that make a travel experience unique.

It is with such travel stories, I try to take you all to far-flung places through the comfort of your computer screens.

My photographs in front of the Grand Auditorium are indeed candid ones! I wanted to pose, but alas! Imperfections were in abundance. But I feel, when you relinquish the spectacular, you are rewarded with the quieter joy of the ordinary.

I am yet to reveal the climax of this travel story. After enduring the sundry hassles to take a dip into the romantic blue sea, I could not! The water was too cold for me. But the memories of this trip will always warm me up from inside. To me, travel is a headlong rush away from the dull and toward the invigorating.

Towards the end of our trip, we took a short stroll on the  promenade of this glamorous and expensive sea side town and stole some time while sipping our cappuccino. 

Finally our beautiful sojourn came to an end. Adieu Cannes!

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