Chirantana - Existence Forever!

This is a personal post for my readers who all love reading my blog.

I am glad to announce the birth of our daughter, our first child, Chirantana on the 18th of November, 2015 in Switzerland.

Chirantana means existence forever or immortal.

It is not easy to pen down the feelings of becoming a mother. So many emotions merge into one.

It was a long awaited dream yet it was a beautiful surprise. An ecstasy of creation. A smile, after excruciating pain. A fulfillment of being a woman. An immense satisfaction.

A realization that she will be there even when I will be no more. A part of our existence will remain, even when we cease to exist!

A Wonder!
A magic that refreshes instantly, no matter how intense the tiredness is!
A scope to relive our childhood.
A precious gift from my better half.

An eternal bond. Nature's miracle!
A responsibility to nurture the seed so that it blooms into a beautiful flower.

An unconditional love. A friendship. An inspiration to create oneself endlessly. A new purpose in life.
Peace! Power!

When I pick up my daughter, I can feel the reincarnation of my own flesh and bones in my hands. I can smell the scent of my skin on the nape of her neck. The most extraordinary thing about motherhood is finding a piece of myself separate and apart that all the same I cannot live without. She is my little heart that will beat outside my body forever.

Last but not the least, one of my friends, rightly said that "now you have got the most precious travel partner". Indeed!! So many places to visit. So much to uncover all together without any inhibitions.

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