A mountain Christmas Village in Caux, Switzerland!

Festivals are interesting! We all celebrate our respective festivals every year. Perhaps most of us enjoy festivals with some set conventions and rules. I had seen in our culture, any deviations from tradition produce anxiety and fear of nameless consequences. In my early age, I never questioned those traditions, but now I do. Now I celebrate in my own little way. 

On every 25th December, I start the day with a cake of my choice. If the situation permits, I go to a new destination and explore. I remember going to Pisa in Italy on Christmas day in 2010. I enjoyed Berlin in 2011. Last but not the least, I try writing about those destinations for you all around Christmas.

After seeing the Christmas celebrations in different countries and various cultures, I could come to one conclusion. Happiness is beyond country and culture and celebrations are beyond any set conventions.

I visited a Christmas village in Switzerland last year. So this year, here I am writing about that beautiful place for you all.

The mountain Christmas village is in Caux, Switzerland. We boarded a train from Montreaux to reach Caux. Amidst mountains and tall trees on two sides, our train started its journey.

I never forget to take pictures and notes of any new places or journeys. Telling a story with photographs is my passion from a young age. What more can describe those unsaid words than photographs.

We reached Caux, where Santa, snow and serenity welcomed me. One could find the majestic grandeur of nature all around the small rail station.

And then it was almost like a fairy tale. A perfect place for children. An opportunity for adults to relive those childhood fantasies.

I discovered Santa's post office, Santa's workshop, elves' village, numerous animals, all in a new decor.

There were shows for children as well. Children could play in a breathtakingly beautiful area. The panorama of Lake Geneva and the Alps were unforgettable.

I whispered a fond adieu to the golden sunset, the heavenly sky and the fresh air and returned back home.

A year passed. Yet, the memory of the mountain Christmas village is so fresh in my mind. How I wish to hold back all those moments enshrouded by tranquility.

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas!
How do you celebrate 25th December every year?

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