Conquering the darkness - Geneva Festival Fireworks in Switzerland!

Imagine a still dark night, you, a candle and solitude! Did you realize the solitude too was melting along with the candle? Did you notice that when you were focussing on the flickering flame, your solitude was filling itself with those untamed thoughts? Did you feel that the single melting candle defied both the darkness and the solitude?
Such is the power of fire that lightens the darkness and illuminates the night!
Imagine what could happen when one witnesses by a lakeside the vast darkness above at night being conquered by the beautiful, colorful and intricate display of fireworks, along with music floating all over for an hour!!!  In a word, it must be spectacular. Isn't it? One has to see it to believe it. I would still try to find appropriate words to describe the Geneva Fireworks - one of the world's greatest fireworks displays.

We were amidst the vast crowd. But just around us, the combination of people was interesting and so were their reactions to the wonderful fireworks. To our left, there was a young romantic couple. I could see the glitter in their eyes. Dreamy eyes. Romantic eyes. With each and every display of fireworks, they were holding each other and absorbed in eternal joy. Joy of being in love. Joy of being loved. I feel everything to them is near and can be conquered. Enchanting young age!

To our right, we saw an old couple. They were quiet and remained unperturbed by a group of flies that was trying to disturb them while they were having their sandwiches. An uncanny calmness amidst the sound of fireworks could be observed on their face. Perhaps that's what old age is. Everything seems far, very far and yet no surge of emotions to conquer anything. Life is known now and wisdom is achieved.

Behind us, we saw a child sitting with her parents, playing with her iPad. The moment the intricate fireworks were lighting up the black sky above, she was all amazed. She just began exploring the world with the cocktail of reality, her fantasies and imaginations. Interesting days. Most treasured days. Societal ruthlessness is still far away for her to realize.

In our front, we saw a pregnant woman along with her husband. I felt she was imagining how to hand over all her lovely experiences to the new member. I felt, she was celebrating her life and the new life inside her. The fireworks were an embellishment for her celebrations. Indeed a wonderful phase of life. Although one knows the good and bad of life, yet one begins with new hope and new dreams for that little one. A selfless phase where  "I" becomes obsolete and "mothers" are born.

Each and every event is wonderful. It presents something new and it is up to us to unfold them and realize them. Geneva fireworks came to an end, but with all its grandeur it will keep on echoing not only the beauty of fire, but life, as I had seen that day through different people around.

Here I present a video of that evening. Hope you will enjoy it.

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