"The Ultimate Driving Machine" - The BMW Museum in Munich, Germany!!

The experience of visiting the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany was the first of its kind. Though later in my life, I got opportunities to experience the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Geneva Motor show in Switzerland, but the first exposure to the world of luxury cars remains special. 

It was an August afternoon. The bright and beautiful day was melting into a radiant evening slowly and steadily. We decided to visit the BMW Museum. I could see the museum from afar. We went inside and realized that it would be an absolute dream place for all luxury car lovers. 

I could see many beautiful cars in various vibrant colors such as red, yellow, black, white and silver.

 I could not help posing in front of them.  

The luxurious interiors of the cars were wonderful.

Many a time, I have seen in our Bollywood movies, the BMW bikes were driven by our sexy heroes. Those scenes might have influenced me subconsciously to be able to pose likewise. 

The detailed information about the brand was well organized. There were some games to explain the workings of an engine in a fun manner. It was interesting! 

Hours went unnoticed. When we left the museum the radiant evening melted into the dark night. Although I know not much about cars, but it fascinated me.                                  

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