The concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland - A vast factory of murder! (Part 2)

As promised in my previous post, today I will try to gather some courage to write about the inexplicable journey of thousands of prisoners through the tragic road of death in Auschwitz Concentration Camp under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

Before entering the road of death which leads to the gas chamber where mercy and justice had been murdered million times, we came across this note!

I was frozen by the horrific history. I felt a strange numbness in my legs. I forced myself to walk through this door. This is the door from which thousands of victims used to enter to meet death and now tourists enter.

I heard from our guide that the victims had to put off their clothes and then had to take a shower. They were offered a bowl of hot soup before the fatal end.

I was wondering, what if this room which had witnessed thousands of deaths, was asked to write a testimony? How dreadful the result would be! The airtight, clumsy, dark room had a square hole in its ceiling through which the poisonous gas used to flow - indeed an efficient way to mass murder at one go! Human beings have spent more time harming each other than loving. If it had been the reverse one, the world would have been be an ideal and beautiful place to live.

This factory of murder was well planned and organized. Just beside the gas-chamber, there was a furnace to burn the murdered bodies. Nazis didn't have to bear the pain of transferring the dead bodies to a  different place, thus saving  time and effort.

The amount of cruelty was unbearable. My breathing picked up and my heart raced when I heard that it was not a matter of seconds, but 20 long minutes of suffering inside the gas-chamber that the victims had to endure before meeting their end, and perhaps peace!

No, there is no solace because Nazis still exist in different forms in various parts of the world.

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