Spirit Museum in Stockholm, Sweden! Cheers!!

Few more days to Christmas! It is celebration time now. I am completely in festive mood and I am sure so are you. Let me take this opportunity to take you to a unique destination called Spirit Museum, in Stockholm. Cheers to everybody!! 

It was a rainy afternoon and was our last day of travel in Stockholm. We were waiting for the rain to stop and were looking at the tourist map and suddenly we found out about this museum. Never before we visited such a museum. The constant urge of exploring something new drives us always. That day too was not an exception. 

The museum is about the human experience with alcohol. I find the Absolut Art Collection (Absolut is the third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Smirnoff and Bacardi) very interesting. It includes almost 850 works by some 500 Swedish and international artists, commissioned by Absolut Vodka between 1986 and 2004. It was produced as part of the brand's marketing strategy.

Absolute art collection is lively, diverse, at once sophisticated and naive. Different ways to portray a drink is not only interesting to marketers and advertisers, but to anybody who has a creative side and values imagination. 

I enjoyed smelling various flavors of Absolut Vodka. I have never seen before such an arrangement to smell Vodka. It was fun! 

I quite liked the concept of the "hangover room" upstairs, inside the museum. There is a small space, decorated just like someone's apartment and once you get inside and lock the room, you will hear a drunk woman (recorded voice of course) talking to herself. 

I personally liked this museum mainly because of its unique concept. It was fun and entertaining. A rainy afternoon soaked in cocktails was indeed splendid! 

Have you ever visited such a museum? Isn't it unique? I will come up with more such places in my next posts.

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