Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy!

In the early morning of 25th December, 2010, we caught a train from Florence towards Pisa - a city famous for its leaning tower.

While enjoying the golden sunlight, heavenly sky, sweet fresh air and merry bell, I was thinking about the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Indeed, the true  meaning of Christmas lies in the understanding of the fact that the cardinal values of this mortal life must be mercy, forbearance and benevolence. 

After reaching Pisa, we took a short walk to reach the cathedral complex of Pisa. I was excited to explore the world famous leaning tower of this city which I read about when I was in standard two. We met river Arno on our way.

The first glimpse of the bell tower was breathtaking. The tilt was perfectly visible. It is one of the four buildings in the cathedral complex of the Pisa.

We had our timed tickets booked to go to the top of this miraculous tower. I remember that day I had a terrible knee pain, but decided to take the challenge to climb the 297 step spiral staircase. I believe no space of regret can make amends for one life's opportunity misused. When I went up and rang the bell of the leaning tower of Pisa, I instantly forgot all the struggle of climbing up. The sight was an instant pain relief.

Just below the top floor was the floor where all the bells were located. These are all lovely memories from Christmas in 2010 which I am now sharing with my readers on Christmas, 2014. Time flies, but it keeps all its footprints. It is up to us to preserve it. It is up to us to spend each day remarkably so that when we look back, we will have so many things to share. Isn't it? 

 Bright white edifices were starkly juxtaposed on the lush green ground. When I was standing on the top of the leaning tower of Pisa, I felt that the combination of beautiful surroundings and calm atmosphere filled my Christmas morning of 2010 with delight and contentment. I was as merry as a school girl. Joy knows no age!

Now is the time to wish all my readers and friends a very happy Christmas, 2014. May all the moments this festive season be memorable for you.

I will write more about the cathedral complex of Pisa some other day! Once again, Wish you all a very happy Christmas!

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