Villars-sur-Ollon - A beautiful swiss village!

hushhhhhhhh!! Don't speak, forget all uncertainties, keep aside all your problems for the moment. Come, I will take you to a place where peace is the only comfort amidst the silence that breaks occasionally when the soft breeze flows in between the green leaves. Perhaps, appreciation and mesmerizing glance are the only things that we can give back to this beautiful land. It claims nothing though! It only gives unconditionally.

It was a sun kissed, Sunday morning and we decided to get drenched in the sun; We started early in the morning for Villars-Sur-Ollon, a beautiful countryside in Switzerland. We took an early morning train to reach there.

When I reached Villars-sur-Ollon, I remembered the fairy tale drawings from my childhood books. Vibrant colors of fall, mountains half covered by clouds and slower paced life took back all the tiredness instantly. The picturesque beauty drew from me an exclamation of delight!

After roaming around for some time amidst this fairytale village, we decided to go up to the mountains. We boarded a train once again. The floating feet of our fleeting minds strived to get some rest, but in vain!! We wanted to drink the pleasure of  the innumerable stream of beautiful vistas, throughout the journey from inside the glass train.

The beautiful journey finally took us to our destination. It was cold, but not chilling. Different shades of green, mountains, small water bodies, and abundance of peace and silence were the specific things that I cherished at the top.

I was smitten by this fascinating landscape so much that I wanted to become a colorful wandering butterfly.

I played,

I Photographed,

I cherished and relinquished myself to nature completely.
Slowly the evening approached and we bid adieu to this peaceful land, though we stole some of it and stored in our hearts, memories and of course in our digital camera to share with all my beloved readers. After we came down from the mountains, we enjoyed the warmth of a cup of coffee in a small coffee shop in the village. Indeed a memorable end of the sun kissed morning by a romantic evening!!

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