The Broken Chair - A symbol of peace in Geneva, Switzerland!

When by chance our fingers come across fire, our reflex comes into play. We take off our fingers. I often wonder, why there is no such reflex for our conscience!! When we see any unjust happening around, most of us tend to let it go and remain unaffected. I dream of a world where our reflex will work for our conscience as well. That will be true progress; progress of humanity and upliftment of society in the true sense. I am optimistic.

I am optimistic because of the efforts made in different parts of the world in various forms. Efforts of Red CrossWHO (World Health Organization), Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, etc  will one day outcast the conflicts of Gaza, Syria and poverty etc. I am hopeful that there will be a world where almost all people will choose peace over war and conflicts. I wish and hope that such an imaginary canvas will one day become reality. 

Today I would like you all to visit and see one of the 21st century's most emblematic works of art through my eyes in Geneva, Switzerland. 

This 12 meter high, broken chair, in front of European headquarters of the United Nations, echoes a simple message: remember the victims of land mines, urge your government to promote a ban on land mines. 

The agony which land mines bring by killing innocent people long after the war or making a person physically lame or maim sinless people are expressed by the swiss sculptor Daniel Berset through the broken wooden chair which stands on three legs and the fourth leg being splintered half way up. The message of this sculptor penetrates one's mind and hence the fulfillment of art and its purpose.

I wonder when will our conscience roar against the barbaric weapons of death and destruction!

"Not only do these abominable weapons lie buried in silence and in their millions waiting to kill or maim innocent women and children; but the presence or even the fear of the presence of a single land mine can prevent the cultivation of an entire field, rob a whole village of its livelihood, place yet another obstacle on a country's road to reconstruction and development".  By Kofi Annan.

This piece of artwork that symbolizes "peace" is unique. It is not about a pair of doves or a flower it is a barbaric reality that urges humanity and peace.  Flowers were laid by some of the visitors to show respect to the innocent victims.

Hope these silent killers will not linger any more to destroy humanity and kindness. Hope to gain a reflex for our conscience.

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