Camp Nou Stadium - The home of Football Club Barcelona!

Welcome to a virtual tour of Camp Nou in Barcelona, the largest stadium in Europe with 96,336 seats, which belongs to FCB through my eyes. The fascinating stadium has it all - glitz, glamour and grandeur! One Significant difference lies in between the Real Madrid Club & Football Club Barcelona. Real Madrid was started by the aristocrats of the society while Football Club Barcelona was started for and by the common people.

When I was posing for the photographs, I was thinking how the players might feel when they come out of the player's tunnel onto the field in front 96,336 spectators (capacity of the stadium)! Do they feel a bit nervous or their zeal surpasses the nerve racking pressure to win for thousands of their loyal followers? I wish I meet a great player in person some day! Sportsmanship is indeed tough, I realized while standing in this field.

I was impressed by the players tunnel, which is covered by large photographs of all the FCB players. Since my childhood, I am a Maradona fan, which started when my father bought me a No. 10 jersey with Maradona written in bold in 1986 (when Argentina won the World Cup). When I was walking through the player's tunnel in Camp Nou, I asked my husband to click a photograph with Messi (number 10), another famous Argentinian player.

I felt doing a bit of commentary when I sat in the commentary box. But alas, there was no match going on that day.

The restroom and the press room are different from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Unlike The Real Madrid Club, here the restrooms are equipped with large screens all over.

Hope you all enjoyed this virtual tour. I would like to end this blog post by one of my favorite quotes by Messi - "You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it".

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Your comments always inspire me. Cheers!

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