Solstice and Luminescence of Life

I started blogging on 14th June, 2013 and am continuing so far. Today on 14th June, 2014 (after one year), when I look back, I feel good, happy and content. I never knew before that writing and expressing one's mind can work as therapy amidst a busy life. This blog has truly become my friend. It fulfills my constructive and creative spirit. All appreciations and comments that I get from my friends here, on my Facebook Page and Google+ Page, bring a smile instantly on my face (even at the end of a tiring day). I would like to thank my friends, my readers and my supporters for making this blogging journey a lovable solace and a quick retreat for me. Your contributions are priceless! In the past year, I also got acquainted with numerous other blogs and I really love reading them. It mirrors so many thoughts of various individuals far away and near, from all over the world. It is about knowing a completely unknown human being through his/her thoughts and expressions. After a while, it feels as if those unknown individuals are closer to me.

I started my blog with a post about Philosophy of Life, wherein I meditated about my quest for a way that would lead me to a meaningful life. I knew nature would guide me in my search.

Now, after a year, I would not say that the quest has ended, but the quest itself has evolved in a way which helped me to survive one of the biggest tragedies of my life. I grew as an individual and started looking at life from a changed perspective. Now, I want to know more, more and more about so many things till my last breath. Whenever I get time, I watch some of the great films (Indian, Swedish, Iranian, Italian, French and so on) of the greatest directors in world cinema, read books and travel. Perhaps the quest has resulted in the growth of a happy consciousness.

When the sun rises, it spreads a picturesque reddish hue all over and then it glows bright. At the time when the sun sets in, it spreads a calm, yet charming glow all over giving place to the moon.

Moon spreads white, sweet, peaceful light all around, but completely different from that of the sun.

I feel when life begins, it resembles a sunrise, it glitters like the sun during its youth and then it spreads a golden charm, just like the sunset. As life grows old, it resembles a moon. It spreads a peaceful silvery illumination. An object of ethereal beauty. Life then starts its last journey towards the end at that phase just like the journey of a full moon night to the moonless night. When life ages, it glitters like the moon and the thoughts lapse from examination of a specific object into a suffusive sense of its connections with all the rest of our existence and then we feel a triumphant delight. No more invisible or uncertain thoroughfares to cross. 

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