An unusual love story between the sky and the cloud!

Sun drenched mornings that bask in the golden sunshine, walking with the tweeting and chirping birds, adorned with a shimmering blue sky above, filled with fragrances from rose, jasmine, violet and that of lily and the soothing breeze caressing it with tender touch, are indeed invigorating and exquisite. But did you ever feel the loneliness of the sky in such mornings? It shimmers yet remains quiescent, it is charming yet motionless. I feel the sky wait for her beloved in those mornings. But whom does the sky love?

While thinking who might be the sky's lover, I saw a peaceful dove flying in the sky, but no, I was mistaken! It was the white cloud (the shapeless cloud formed a shape that resembled a white dove) drifting and floating in the sky, encapsulating the scorching sunshine occasionally as the morning was giving way to a beautiful day. The floating white cloud had spread its wings and embraced the sky. I felt, they are lovers.

After some time, the day retired and a lazy afternoon followed. The cloud and the sky were in deep romance. The blue sky was turning gray silently.

 When I saw the vast blue canvas was painted with a golden brush, I was surprised with joy. It seemed the sun had gifted its golden rays to the romantic pair. The golden rays creeping out from behind the dark cloud rendered a dramatic atmosphere.

 It seemed a thousand candles were lit up in the sky in appreciation of the love and the lovers.

"At length the vision closes; and the mind,
Not undisturbed by the delight it feels,
Which slowly settles into peaceful calm,
Is left to muse upon the solemn scene."  
By Willian Wordsworth

 After a while, I heard thunder and saw a bright spark and then felt the rain drops on my skin. Perhaps the sky and the cloud were romancing, loving and caring each other before departing. I always believe love creates and my belief was proved once more. When the rain ceased, I saw a lovely rainbow in the sky.

When I looked down on the earth, I saw the fresh blooming flowers, after the rain.

Sky is blue now. Perhaps it is waiting to meet the cloud to form yet another rainbow. This unusual and perpetual love story is going on since eternity. Don't you think so?

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