A journey with Jane Austen along the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland!

A solitary evening walk along the shores of Lake Geneva has become my favorite pastime with the advent of spring. Young and fluorescent green leaves, sweet sunshine, the delight of the fresh-feeling breeze, the perfect azure hue of the sky and its reflection on the water, the exotic lake sides, the incomprehensibly wondrous Alps at the other end of the lake and the scene of those large white swans enjoying their leisure under the glittering warmth of the sun all unite and murmur the meaning of beauty into my ears, spread peace over my eyes, freshness is on offer as a fragrance, calm my heart with tranquility and gift a blooming radiance all over my skin. The beautiful vistas all around becomes the perfect drink. It is prolific ecstasy!

Perhaps this romantic spring rekindles the passion within to start reading some of the finest literary classics like Emma, Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion by Jane Austen. After the long walk, my resort is a quiet place under a tree beside the lake accompanied by the sound of flowing waves on the water. A recovering pause from the tiredness of the long walk and then I start the conversation with Jane Austen. We speak to each other for long, in the leisure hours, directly with mind to mind and heart to heart, through her novels!

The romantic sensibilities in those novels are a treat to my mind and imagination. Occasionally, when I look up to my surroundings, I end up capturing some of the moments!

Viewing anything through the lens of art yields ripples of creative enthusiasm which turns even a minor thing into a perfect object of joy and satisfaction. Perhaps we start complaining less and appreciating more!

The long roads towards the various lake sides give a glorious greeting and edifies me. I watch, observe and then reflect. Perhaps a submissive spirit towards nature along the journey gifts me with lovely anecdotes to tell. I enjoy the elasticity of mind, while indulging my imagination in every possible flight. Everything is united in the journey; nature, book, camera and a warm heart!

"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart"  by Jane Austen.

Only a sensitive and discerning mind can embellish art from nature. I value both the creations; one is created by nature and another by a beautiful mind!

During the stroll of my solitary indulgence and reverie, nature becomes the time's herald. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Slowly and silently the sun says goodbye and evening ushers in, the cool breeze kisses my cheeks to remind me that, it's time to go back to my nest. With a promise of meeting again, I bid adieu to Jane Austen. Far away from time and space, she is still rendering my spring so beautiful.

"One cannot fix one's eyes on the commonest natural production without finding food for a rambling fancy by Jane Austen.

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