Poble Espanyol - An architectural museum in Barcelona

Visiting a new city is always thrilling since we know we will find out busy roads, lots of traffic, people and big buildings, yet we always end up finding something new, something special which gives uniqueness to a particular city. This time I have decided to write about an interesting place in the city of Barcelona in Spain.

Poble Espanyol is a small village which portrays architecture of various Spanish areas and the cultural diversity of the country. Inside the village one can find 117 replicas of different buildings in Spain. It is amazing! 

Most of the European cities have a large square which serves the purpose of a meeting point, socializing need and holds not only festivals, concerts but also political meetings. Pablo Espanyol also has a central square called Plaza Mayor, surrounded with various old fashioned streets featuring shops and restaurants. There are innumerable picturesque nooks and corners to explore.

Semana Grande, (Spanish for Big week) is one of the festivals of Spain. One of the big attractions of this festival are the giant dolls. They are the leading protagonists of fun in this festival. We got an opportunity to see some of the giant dolls inside Poble Espanyol. 

While strolling around this open air museum we came across various shops with regional produce and often hand-made products. We were there during the Christmas week  and so all the shops were specially decorated. We enjoyed the festive flavor all through. 

I saw this piece was for sale in a shop. I stood there for quite some time. Indeed, one of the most serene scenes in the universe. 

The warmth and care on the lady's countenance, tenderness on her arms and a slight discomfort to give complete comfort to the child reflects the truest emotions. Whom shall I salute here?.... The artist who with his imagination built this piece drop by drop or this very scene which knocks our soul and fills our senses from time immemorial!!

Inside Poble Espanyol, effort has been given to bring together all Spanish building styles together, not haphazardly, but in great harmony, creating a spacious village where we walked around as we would in any village.

Museum Fran Daurel is another lovely place to visit inside this village. The museum features various works of Spanish artists like Picasso, Dali, Miro and so on. 

Any type of creation, new ideas, attracts me. I really liked the concept of Poble Espanyol. I would like to compare it with a fantasy land where one wishes to see various things at once. It is a lovely place for a quiet stroll and a cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon.

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