Metros and Trains of Various cities in the World (Part1)

Today I would like to start my blog post with an incident. It was the first day in my University (few years back). All the masters student were attending a lecture by our Head of the Department. At the end of his speech, he devised an innovative way for the students to know each other. He told us that we must draw something which would describe ourselves and then we will get introduced to one another. The first impression of us would be the drawing on the piece of paper. Interestingly, many of the students came up with lovely ideas.

I had drawn a small tree in a tub (To represent myself), which is being watered by life (every day) that includes incidents, experiences and education. The more water would be poured, the more beautiful the fruits and the flowers of that tree will be. I must admit, as the years pass by, that drawing (Which I had drawn merely after a 5minutes of brainstorming), has left in me a deep realization. I still endeavor to pour water on that tree each and every day ever since. Reading, traveling and exploring have thus become my three bosom friends.

Travelling and eventually exploring something unknown, less known or well known present me with new experiences, ideas & knowledge and which in turn help me grow each day. New journeys add momentum to my life whenever life gets trapped in everyday routine.

How I wish to break free in limitless bounds then!!

While roaming in Europe with a map in hand, metros are of big help. I have traveled through innumerable metros and trains in different cities of various countries. I will try to present here, some of the glimpses of metros in different countries of the world.

Let me start with Switzerland!!

Mon amour France!!

The land of Renaissance - Italy!!

In the picture below, the first two snaps were of water bus in Venice. The last picture was taken inside the metro in Rome.

The land of Ideas - Germany!!

Espania (Spain)!! reminds me of the famous painting guernica by Pablo Picasso. I would love to write about it some day.

London Metro in England has beautiful seats (extra cushioned)!!

Many of you may say, there exist not much difference between the metros of different cities. I agree to it. Technically they don't differ much. If we introspect people, type of advertisements in the metro & train, the ticket checkers, we may realize the differences!! Every city has different characteristics and so do their metros and trains. It is all about realizing and feeling the differences!!

I will present more glimpses of different metros of various cities in the world in another blog post.

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