Testimony of Nature's Patience - Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

One of the open secrets of nature's pace is patience. I realized this when I saw the Grand Canyon. The enormous and intricate Grand Canyon is formed by millions of years of work by the Colorado river while it was establishing its course through it. Nature works silently without any grandeur for years and creates these beautiful wonders. No doubt the Grand Canyon is one of the seven wonders of nature. While drinking the pleasure of the scenery all around, for once I thought I was one of the happiest persons in the world. I am privileged enough to witness such a magnificent and amazing beauty. There is no need to run and pursue happiness, it comes !!

We visited two viewpoints in Grand Canyon West Rim. The first one was Eagle Point and the second was Guano Point. At the Eagle point one not only enjoys the beautiful panoramic view but also witnesses the eagle shaped natural formation of the Canyon. 

Another attraction at Eagle Point was walking on the Skywalk (A transparent horse shoe shaped cantilever bridge). Though photography was not allowed while walking on the sky walk (Photography is only allowed if one pays!). We clicked some photographs from outside. I must emphasize that neither the man made Sky walk and nor the view from it is extraordinary. 

The story behind the Guano point is something different. During the 1930's a boater passing through the Canyon discovered a cave which later was found to be rich with "Guano" or bat droppings. This material was rich in nitrogen and very useful as a fertilizer. The U.S. Guano Corporation had purchased the mining rights in 1957 and began to construct the Tramway to extract the Guano from the mine. Using a cable that spanned the Canyon at 7,500 feet, cable cars were used for transporting both the guano and miners, which lasted until early 1960. A few months later the cable was damaged by an Air Force Jet's tail and never re-opened. The cable head-house remains as well as some remnants in the cave and is now a tourist destination at Grand Canyon West.

The Grand Canyon West is undoubtedly a paradise for photographers. One can spend days capturing this magnificent nature's creation. I tried my best to capture the picturesque vista with my unprofessional camera and to preserve those lovely reminiscences with indomitable passion. Whenever I share my feelings, my experiences and my photographs with my readers I feel tranquility deep down in my heart. Sharing is such a joy!

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