Fisherman's Wharf at San Francisco , California, USA

Few days are left for Christmas. I wanted to present to my readers a tale of a place which is full of life and in perfect harmony with the mood of celebrations in this festive season. I decided to write about the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, USA. Lovely smells of seafood all over the street, people from different parts of the world, different shops for various souvenirs, cute Sea Lions, large ships, wonderful white birds, cable cars (manually operated) and of course the seaside generates energetic vibes in abundance, making the Fisherman's Wharf a happening and enchanting place to relax, to mix with the crowd and to enjoy.

We visited the place in the first week of November. We started for the Fisherman's Wharf in an early   chilly but sunny winter morning. People were friendly and welcoming. Shared some couple of good morning wishes while walking towards the Fisherman's Wharf and on the way, took a cup of hot coffee in a cafe and watched how the morning slowly unfolded itself to a charming day. 

We started walking again along the seaside and saw a boy performing on Michael Jackson's songs. I must acknowledge his talent. His movements along with the music poured in some extra energy and we went towards the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. We saw a beautiful ship there. The place is famously known as Hyde St. Pier

I was astonished to see the long road on the opposite side of the park. I have never seen such a steep road !! Some of the visitors were hiring small cars to explore the city and it was lovely watching those cars. There were road side food stalls in plenty. We couldn't resist the smell from those stalls and enjoyed a plate of tasty fried prawns. 

It was fun watching those enormous white and brown colored birds, walking on the streets and flying in their own rhythm. One person was playing a lovely tune (Probably South American music) and we were silently enjoying the atmosphere.

After satisfying our taste buds we went to see the Sea Lions. We saw them playing and enjoying the sunshine. I have not seen Sea Lions before. It was lovely to watch those playful, carefree and adorable Sea Lions. Loved watching them. 

Next we took a cruise which was full of incredible vistas all around. Cruising underneath the Golden Gate bridge was yet another a lovely experience. I would definitely write about it one day. After the one hour cruise, we were hungry and had a delicious seafood dish. Indeed a wonderful day with beautiful memories. Thank you San Francisco, Thank you Fisherman's Wharf !!

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