A new dawn in Hualapai Ranch in Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

It was a new dawn--a new beginning--a new experience--a new realization--and now a young memory. The silent dawn became a solemn teacher which inspired me to aspire even in the caliginous hours, when I saw the rising star was breaking apart all the darkness slowly but steadily and making its way to shine bright.

Indeed the sky seemed as an open canvas where the sun rays were happily painting the story of their odyssey from one part of the world to another part. The child in me still wonders at the fact that when one part of the world is retiring to bed and welcoming the silent moon at that moment another part of the world is illuminated with yet another sunrise, and this is going on from time immemorial. Whatever we see is not the whole!!

In our life we witness thousand sunrises but we remember only a few of them. The sunrise which I witnessed in the Grand Canyon will be one among those few. After seeing the fascinating dawn, we welcomed the lovely day at the Hualapai Ranch. After spending an exciting night at the ranch, we started exploring it during the day. It was pretty cold so we went for a coffee and breakfast in the dinning hall.

This time we heard the music of American Indians accompanied by dancing while we were enjoying the breakfast. The dancers were dressed in their traditional attire. The music was different, never heard such type of music before. So many things to know, to hear, to taste and our time is so short!

After the breakfast, we met cowboys, we saw a small replica of American Indians' house (How it used to be), the ranch atmosphere and a short trip on a horse drawn carriage (Wagon ride).


A replica of American Indians' house 

The painting of the girl and the photograph of the American Indian police (in mid eighteenth century) were displayed in our room in the ranch.

Inside the ranch, a replica of their homes was built for the visitors.

Inside Hualapai Ranch

Inside Hualapai Ranch

Though it was only for 15 minutes, but we enjoyed the horse ride. By 8.30 am in the morning we silently bid adieu to this lovely place and started for the various viewpoints of the Grand Canyon.

Yeah, you all are thinking right!!! My next blog post will unleash the Grand Canyon (West Rim).

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