The Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark

We all remember Bohr's atomic model, that we studied in Chemistry during our school days. Professor Neils Bohr, who won the Nobel prize in 1922 for discovering the fundamental structure and character of the atom, its components and how they interact, was a Danish citizen. When I arrived in Copenhagen, visiting The Neil's Bohr Institute undoubtedly topped our priority list.

Human beings have been trying to discover or explain all the phenomena that take place in the universe from time immemorial. Though a lot has been discovered, but many of them are still unexplained.

Individuals, groups or communities who explained the inexplicable, discovered laws of nature have always inspired me from within.

"Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it" By Neils Bohr

Visiting places like The Neil's Bohr Institute, which thrives to explore the fundamental truths of nature through its research, and contributes to progress gives me an adrenaline rush. Trivial ups and downs in life become insignificant.

Bohr and Einstein who were the founders of quantum mechanics often had discussions in this institute.

Bohr-Einstein debates were intellectually fierce but they had immense mutual admiration as well. This simple metallic relief on the wall of Bohr's residence on the side of the institute, reminded me of that. It was truly a pilgrimage site for me.

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