Silence - living and profound.

Many times I tried to sink into profound silence, in search of repose to contemplate and breathe in peace, but I failed. After a certain time, or an incident, I spoke, I reacted and initiated certain actions. Those silent phases were not momentary but certainly fathomable. In reality, silence speaks after sometime when it is alive and achieves its deepest meaning only with death-- when it only observes, listens and comprehends.

How I wish to meet the profound silence within to ask some of those long unanswered questions of mine. Till I meet her, let me put an imaginary conversation, for thoughts have a pair of dauntless wings. Perhaps comprehending the meaning of profound silence is the purpose!

Living Silence : What makes you so profound
Profound Silence : I am no more only a part of the universe, I am the whole. My vision is not limited in time and space anymore. 

Living Silence : Why don't you react?
Profound Silence : (She laughs and says) Life is going through the same process from time immemorial. It takes birth, grows up, achieves earthly possessions or fails, gives birth and dies. All set into a rhythm similar to sea waves, seasons, rivers, flowers or any organism in the universe. Individual conflicts bounded in time are too short lived. So I don't react. I look into the whole not the part. 

Living Silence : How does peace rest amidst you?
Profound Silence : When the enormity rests within, when the individual pains or happiness, achievements or failures is surpassed by wisdom, peace prevails. The time when words are superfluous, the time when one connects through and comprehends through silence, tranquility ushers in.

Living Silence : How can I attain you during this lifetime?
Profound Silence :  You have to go through the process called "life" to realize that you are nothing. When you will start feeling the emptiness inside, the vastness will fulfill you and you will start understanding the language of eternal silence. Be patient! 

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