The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark

It was a perfect day to explore a city! The sun was shining bright and had spread a crimson glow all over to melt one's heart and infuse life within. At that time I was going through one of the biggest traumas of my life and yet I enjoyed that day. I felt like saying , "oh life, I have embraced all your happy and sad moments, I am living with them, and now you embrace me" and surprisingly it did. Travelling not only enriches ourselves with different information but also lifts up the small cage from our mind where we confide ourselves and opens a new window to see and hence realize that some person some where might be going through the same trauma like me or worse. It is really wise to live in the present and enjoy as much as one can. Life is short anyway!

This photograph represents the statue of Little Mermaid, a fairy tale character created by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

Copenhagen's Little Mermaid statue celebrated her 100th birthday on August 23, 2013. It has become a symbol of Copenhagen just like the Eiffel tower in Paris or Big Ben in London.

Today almost all of us know the Little Mermaid from the Disney movie though the original story lacks the happy ending of the animated film.

The bronze statue of the Little Mermaid is perched on a rock in the water near Copenhagen's harbor.
The blue water, clear sky and the soothing weather were complimenting each other that day. This world renowned saga is about a mermaid who saves the life of a prince and falls in love with him. She wanted to marry the prince and achieve an eternal human soul. She lost her tail, aquatic life and her enchanting voice in exchange of two beautiful legs from a sea witch. She met the prince and eventually became the spectator of the prince's marriage speechlessly. The grief stricken mermaid came back to the ocean and became foam.

Sometimes I wonder, are these lovely fairy tales the only created illusions or perhaps our life, our expectations, love, happy and sad moments are all illusions as well? At the end of the journey, we will leave behind all our emotions, love and feelings, so why we bother about them so much now? Can keeping ourselves detached from earthly possessions and feelings minimize our sufferings?---- I am yet to find an answer.

I would really like to thank my husband Siddhartha, for arranging such a wonderful trip for me and making me realize, whatever happens, good or bad there is only one truth "Life goes on" ........

Let me keep this dotted line unfinished. These dots represent memory and epiphany which no tide could ever wash away.

Perhaps the secret lies in accepting life's own intent, one that scripts our fate with its desires, fatality and unpredictability, with the possibility of human agency always present.

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