"The Best or Nothing" - The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany

In my adolescence, I used to dream about a romantic date where I would be inside a Mercedes Benz car and heading towards the sea with the windows wide open and the gushing air would refresh both of us along with some rain droplets. A lovely melodious and romantic song in the car would heighten passions in the dark starlit night!! Well, whether my dream date became a reality or not, let me keep it a secret. But to my surprise, I got an opportunity to visit the Mercedes Benz Museum in August, 2011. I was thrilled and anxious to know more about my dream car company when I reached there. I must acknowledge that I used to know very little about Mercedes-Benz before the visit.

Gottlieb Daimler designed the three -pointed Mercedes-Benz logo which shows the ability of his motors for land, air and sea use.
What I liked about this museum is the way it represented all the facts. How Mercedes-Benz had developed in Germany during the era when Industrial revolution was taking place, the Nazis coming to power and all other relevant things happening all around the world at that time is showed. It gives an overall picture of the world at that time and along with the growth of Mercedes-Benz.

Karl Benz

Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach were the inventors of the automobile. In 1885, they laid the crucial foundations for individual mobility by building the first gasoline engines- Benz in Mannheim, and Daimler together with Maybach in Canstatt. Karl Benz completed his patent motor car in 1886, while Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach motorized a carriage. This ushered in the advance of the automobile and its inventors. Daimler and Benz founded their own companies (Benz & Cie and Daimler Motors Corporation), which subsequently expanded and became competitors. And although the two inventors lived and worked just 60 miles apart, they never got to know each other.

Gottlieb Daimler

One of the first gentlemen-drivers was Emil Jellinek, a businessman who lived in Vienna and Nice. Initially a customer of Daimler-Motoren- Gesellschaft or Daimler Motors Corporation (DMG), started selling the company's vehicle from 1898. Jellinek wanted to prove the quality of the cars in races. He pressured DMG chief engineer Wilhelm Maybach to build a new automobile with an especially powerful engine; it was to bear the name of Jellinek's daughter, Mercedes. Rousing victories in the Nice race week of 1901 made the name "Mercedes" the talk of the town.

Wilhelm Maybach

During the post World War I economic crisis in Germany, DMG merged with Benz & Cie in 1926, becoming Daimler-Benz and adopting Mercedes-Benz as its automobile trademark.

One of the famous quotes of Daimler is "The Best or Nothing". This quote is now used as the slogan of Mercedes.

A section of the museum is dedicated to the display of modern and beautiful luxurious cars.

One segment of the museum displays old cars, buses and trucks.

The section which I liked the most is the section of  the concept cars. These cars cannot be seen on the roads as of now but may be seen in future. These cars are the result of different researches on design.

I was surprised to see this concept car in the picture. I am sure we won't mind riding a car-plane on the road!

So lots of beautiful cars this time for my readers! A simple question : which one did you like the most?

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