Exuberance of Nature in Voss, Norway

Sometimes the concatenation of time, place, surroundings, the people around and experiences results in unsolved contradictions when compared with our expectations. Our minds start to delve in a veritable labyrinth of despair. I am cognizant of the fact that these contradictions are passing ripples which fade away with time. Perhaps perseverance could be our greatest asset and patience could be the lovely antidote to our restless minds. When I come across such situations, the quest for tranquility becomes the need of the hour. The best resort to retreat is nature undoubtedly.

Voss, Norway (2013)

I certainly agree that in the midst of our daily routine and busy schedule it is hard to take a break each time. Technology comes in here to help me. I spend time seeing my travel photographs and rejuvenate those lovely memories and then a passionate compulsion to pen down my memories follows. So here I am, writing about Voss in Norway for my readers, today!!

Voss, The adventure capital of Norway

Voss is a picturesque village in the heart of Fjord Norway. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers,        fjords and lakes. I enjoyed all the magnificent scenery and the never-ending vistas of heavenly landscape. Truly, Voss is nature's abode.

Voss, Norway

Voss, Norway

Beyond the boundaries of our inner
conflicts, there stands mother nature with its warmth to caress us with love and peace. Perhaps the act of seeing that is unseen and listening that is unheard resonates in our mind and takes us away from the trivial contradictions of life.

I remember, while witnessing the exuberance of nature in Voss, I was transformed mentally into a little girl who finds delight in her musings and fairy tales. Indeed a fairy land where harmony is in abundance!!

Voss, Norway

The thought of sailing through the Fjord with that lovely small boat (in the picture), while drinking the pleasure of the nature captivated me. How I wished!!

The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds, sweet soft breeze was whispering on my ears and the scenery around was beckoning a romantic me. The poetic Voss was conveying some notion of mystery and fantasy- two basic elements of romance!

Perhaps one of the most striking and beautiful features of Norway is the crystal clear lakes, which like mirrors reflect the mountains around them. Indeed a wonder!! The hills in their recumbent postures were looking into the silent lake. I was moved beyond words when I saw those detailed reflections. It was like an open door that nobody could shut.

Voss, Norway

I took a bus from Voss and headed towards Fjord Norway , a wonder of nature!

The journey from Voss to the Fjord was breath taking. The beauty knew no bound. I will definitely write about that journey some day!!

I must admit, after reminiscing about the natural wonders of Voss, I feel refreshed. Perhaps the antidote of patience worked successfully. A lovely trick to let the contradictions pass and maintain perseverance. Isn't it?

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