"Peace begins with a smile" - Welcome to The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway!

In 1958, H.F.Harlow, an American psychologist showed in his experiment that a monkey preferred the warm touch of a covered wire-frame more than nutrition. A comforting surrogate cloth mother and a nurturing surrogate wire mother were created by placing a light bulb behind the cloth mother and attaching a bottle with milk to the wire mother.

When I read about the results of this experiment I was surprised. Perhaps we may try to create a warm and peaceful world to live in if we can't eradicate hunger and poverty completely too soon. Perhaps we can offer warmth if not bread!! 

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one"   by John Lennon

The visit to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, the capital of Norway, has enriched me as a person. While I was going through different works of so many Nobel peace prize winners, I was astonished. All the winners have done so much for the society and have become immortal through their ideology to do good for mankind. I felt a shiver through my spine. I never felt that way before. Their work gave me an enormous strength and inspiration to overcome all odds in life. 

I am sure we all at some point or the other have come across many such persons in different corners of the world personally or through some news, who may have not won a Nobel peace prize but in no way have done less for the society than those fortunate winners. One such missing laureate is "Mahatma Gandhi", as said by the Norwegian Nobel peace prize committee. Nevertheless we are indebted to all of them for showing us the world of peace. I certainly believe "Peace begins with a smile "  by Mother Teresa.

I was pretty impressed by the way, the Nobel peace center chose to display the information about the prize, about Sir Alfred Nobel and of course the Nobel Peace prize winners. It was an intelligent interplay between digital technologies.

On my left in the photograph are computers, one can tap and get different kinds of information about the winners.

I liked this physical book on which text and pictures were projected from above and which was clickable. All the information about Sir Alfred Nobel was displayed here.

Inside the Nobel peace center, I liked one particular room very much, which was beautiful. To me it was like the dark sky and all the stars were shining bright. Those stars were none other than those amiable angels to mankind - all the Nobel peace prize winners. I am really excited to share the video of that room with my readers.

Inside the Nobel Peace center in Oslo, Norway - June, 2013

After visiting such a place, one's mind will have no choice but to enter in a perpetual flow of thoughts and my mind was no exception to this. It needs too much of strength, zeal, passion and courage to come out from the comfort zone and dedicate oneself for those who are underprivileged. But I do believe I shall overcome all barriers and would set myself free towards the service of mankind. Perhaps that may eventually become the answer to my quest for a meaningful life.

A question for my readers....Did you ever think of doing something for those who are underprivileged? If yes, how do you intend to do get involved in some way? I know the question is tough but I will wait eagerly to read your answers.

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