Dance is a life force. Explore Sensuous Belly Dance in Turkey, Flamenco in Spain, Kathak in India and Folk dance in Norway!

I believe dance is a hidden language of the soul.When word fails, music, song and dance fulfills the silence. In this era where our brain consumes loads of information on various subjects, we rely on our primitive art forms to relax our mind.

My performance in 2007
I being a trained classical Kathak (Indian) dancer apart from my professional career, wherever I travel I try to find out about the local traditions of dance, music and songs.

It is fun to explore the kinds of rhythm different people like as it gives new insight into their culture.

My Performance in 2007

I enjoy the expressions of life through dance. Expressions of  happy and sad events in life are universal. It breaks through all barriers built by humans.

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you in action, and because there is one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost"
                                             by Martha Graham

Folk Dance in Bergen, Norway
Visit Norway Folk Dance

During my travels, I have came across Folk Dances of Norway, Spanish Flamenco and Turkish belly dance to name a few.

Needless to say, dance has played an important role in ceremonies, rituals, entertainments and in different celebrations of life from time immemorial.

There are various dance forms all around the world. How I wish to experience all of them !!

Flamenco in Madrid, Spain

The human body is beautiful. When music accompanies the different movements of the body, it becomes an art. But not all bodily movements constitute a dance form. There is a fine line between acrobatics and dance. Although dance requires physical fitness but that is not all. It requires emotions, feelings and an understanding of the rhythms from within. It is an art where one can express a story, a sentiment a mood and an imagery in a small time frame. Dance is an ever evolving world of creativity.

I was mesmerized by the sensuous and gracious belly dance in Turkey. This dance is really a celebration of femininity. It is playful and lively.Though personally, I would prefer a background music that is a bit different!

The nice thing about dance is that any new idea can be implemented to create something refreshing. I guess that's the beauty of art and creation and satisfaction of an artist and creator.

Whenever I complete writing a blog post, I feel wonderful. I live those travel moments once again. I recollect those moments and get a chance to introspect in detail. Sharing of my experiences and realizations with you all is immensely satisfying. I also love reading your comments. It would be lovely if you share your feelings and thoughts about my posts, the kind of subjects I choose to write, the way I represent through photographs and videos and so on..

In my next post, I will tune in to the rhythm of Flamenco of Spain. How different is their music and dance?We will explore!

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