A monologue!

Whatever happens, life continues. All of us experience various moments - moments of joy, grief, pleasure, achievement, satisfaction, stress, relief and so on. None of them, except death, can ever bind us to it forever. At times, a grief-stricken person may feel that life has ended but in reality that person moves on. Time eases memories and that's why we can live. Perhaps time is the only weapon which life uses to make us comfortable.

How I wish to meet him (death) and her (life) for a night long chat with the moon and stars blinking against the dark sky, near a lake with soft breeze flowing. Will it be a romantic night? Will that night resemble all other nights or will it be different?

I will ask death, why can't you love life? Look at her, she is so beautiful! The way moon and stars blink against the dark sky for hundreds of years why can't life bloom each night? Why do you stop life from blooming forever? Why do you need a change when the stars, the moon, sky and the sun remain the same?

I will ask life, why can't you engross death in your beauty? Why do you give up? If you have the power to create why can't you create a life within his (death's) heart?

Once and for all, I will say to time, "Stop".
"Let them make love, and you stop. Love is an endless mystery, because there is no reasonable cause that could explain it.  Let them be together forever and you stop. Only you (time) can bind them together to this moment forever. Let there be no more moments".

I will ask myself then, "If it happens, if time stops, if life and death become lovers, then will there be no more pains? no more tears? Will the unison of life and death give solace to our grief?"
I wonder!!

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