The sound of water - Rhine Falls in Switzerland!

Whenever I hear the sound of water, be it on the shore where the waves are lashing, be it near a fountain, near the waves splashing in the lake, the ripples in a river, the sound of rain or be it around an enormous waterfall, it soothes me. A beautiful water body is not only pleasing to the eye but it also casts a magical spell in our ears.

Couple of years back I visited the Rhine falls in Switzerland, which is the largest plain waterfall in Europe. One of the charming things about visiting a waterfall is one can hear the sound of the fall from far away. Rhine falls is no exception to this fact. When I stood before the huge body of water, it was truly an enchanting view. The splashing white droplets all over, coming from the cascade and making me wet was truly refreshing and relaxing.

The roaring waterfall amidst the greenery was indeed fascinating! Undoubtedly nature is full of expressions. Sometimes it expresses through its profound silence (like in the Fjords of Norway) and sometimes it celebrates with sound.    

The most adventurous part of the trip was when our boat went near the waterfall. Water droplets emerging from the massive volume of water were like smoke, blurring our vision. I could not hear anything but the sound of the fall. When nature speaks, one can hardly hear any other sounds!  No I was not scared, I was spellbound by it. It appeared like foam all over. I was captivated when I saw the white water droplets were sparkling due to the brightly shining sun.

I feel a waterfall resembles a human life. The beginning is cheerful, roaring and sparkling. As time passes by, the once turbulent waterfall becomes a calm river. The depth increases. It starts listening to the beckon of the ocean to meet with a supreme power like we meet with death or transcends to a supreme power at the end of our journey.

As the river continues to flow through diverse locations it experiences a unique journey just like our journey from birth to death.

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