Philosophy of life

Life is a journey towards end. . From a zygote to a full fledged fetus and then from a full grown human being to ashes. Apparently it may seem too much a pessimistic view of life but this is truth with a caveat. Within this travel all of us follow several journeys. To me one of the main realizations of life is to fulfill all other journeys within a broad journey between life and death.

A journey of realizations of a meaningful existence within the horizon of meaningless existence is tough indeed! But the truth is we still love to live, celebrate our lives, set our aspirations and at the end perhaps comes the realization that one day all our achievements and all our imaginations will come to a halt, a peaceful silence leading to a meaningful emancipation.

No, I am not  describing death here but remembering its utter presence and thus warning myself to live in a meaningful way. But what would  this meaningful way be? I wonder perhaps nature would be a wonderful teacher. But to realize  nature's teachings I should be calm which may pave it's path to peace.
Calmness is paramount to peace and perhaps restlessness is paramount to calmness! I am restless now to find the meaningful way and keen to celebrate this whole journey towards nothingness.Let the journey be meaningful enough to nullify the end .

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