My leisure diary

The green leaves of the tall trees were blowing with the wind from left to right.The gray sky was dramatic. I opened my window and stood still as if a thick curtain had fallen over my mind and shut me out from those unending contradictions of life. Never has that curtain dropped so heavy and blank before. My restless quest of meaningful life came to a halt for some time. My mind was certainly refreshed by the gush of cold wind and small rain droplets. An amazing feeling indeed!

No, my mobile was not ringing neither the doorbell. I was not willing to reply to mails. The weather outside reinforced my wild assumption that all the information systems have crashed. Suddenly I realized nothing in the world will stop if I wait for some time to bring back those childish wonders , those simple moments of selfless joyousness. After so many years did I celebrate my leisure.

I feel we all love to go by the side of a lake , up on the hills and observe the waves of the sea because no one forces them to do something or achieve something. Everything they do has a concordance with their own rhythm. They are in full liberty to do what they are doing. They are not bound to the mechanical clock. We love that serenity and try to bring with us the tranquility within. It stays with us for some time, some days but again we fall back to our routine and get ourselves engrossed in it. We fail to relax in a true sense or enjoy our leisure.

It is so hard nowadays to not to think anything during an abundance of time, and to just relax. Perhaps the modern information age has given us so many options to engage ourselves in, that we can hardly relax in a true sense. But once if we try to immerse ourselves in leisure in a relaxing mood successfully, it is enormously refreshing . I am sure a good leisure acts as a catalyst and boosts our imagination to think different, to act different and feel different.

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